Marta Paulaviciute

I'm Marta from Lithuania, and I've had a passion for the arts from a young age. Growing up in a family of actors, I was surrounded by art, music, books, and a bohemian atmosphere. Although I pursued a non-artistic career, I've always made time for creative pursuits such as music, dance, and drawing. Recently, I've discovered the world of AI art, which allows me to express my ideas and imagination in unique ways. I'm inspired by video games, darkwave, post-punk, and rock music, animals, travel, and sometimes even the darker aspects of my personality. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and themes in my art, often mixing contrasting elements together. While I'm not always drawn to dark and moody subjects, I find that I'm particularly inspired by these themes when creating art. Ultimately, my art reflects my eclectic tastes and my desire to explore new horizons in creative expression.