Rope Day

So the experience of masses of users in the midjourney system created quite a few problems, and one of them is the ability, or inability…to reach a level of accuracy in the image, therefore after each drawing we are required to use our skills and polish the image with one application or another.

So not necessarily! So it’s true – there is a special method of building an image according to what goes through our heads and with a term called Unique prompt, but I also found that you don’t always have to build text and search for keywords.

So how do you do it? First of all, think about how to be quality! Never compromise! You will always grow to be premium and nothing less than that! This can be applied to anything in life and today it is for quality photos.

But what is quality? What do you want them to see in your photo? objects? people? composition..? Maybe you want to arouse emotion in the observers?

Being a creator is not an easy thing at all, when have you been at an exhibition and stood next to those artists who explained to you about their picture that on the one hand you saw one thing and they actually meant something else? Did you know that this will happen to you even if you use systems to create images?

…when have you also seen a picture of a rope created by the lyrics of a song by the band Skinny Puppy?

So here you see for the first time a picture that was not assembled like any other picture with
Unique prompt